“Is MohBad a good name? Moh Bad; he reaped the reward of his actions” — Pastor Tunde Bakare


Pastor Tunde Bakare on Sunday, September 24, 2023, said the late musician, Ileriolu­wa Aloba, popularly known as MohBad, may have reaped the reward of his actions while alive.

According to the Independent, Pastor Bakare, who spoke while preaching in Leicester, United Kingdom at a church event, said the late MohBad was asso­ciating with ev#l people while he was alive.

While speaking on the theme, ‘Harvest’, the former presiden­tial aspirant said, “My wife and I listened to a tape last night on MohBad.

How many of you know MohBad?

The Nigerian artiste who di£d at 27? MohBad.

When he was drinking and smoking and associating with evil men, he did not know that the harvest would come so soon and that he would soon be cut down at the prime of youth.

I am not blaming HIM; I am just telling you. Is MohBad a good name? Moh Bad.

There was a young man older than I am.

He was a driver and his nickname was Èsù (devil).

Everywhere he went, people hailed him as Èsù and he would acknowledge them.

The day he crashed the car and he killed people and they thr£w him behind jail when he was brought out, he said ‘Méè Sèsù Méè Sèsù (I am not the devil),” Bakare said.

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Who are we to judge.

Even Jesus didn’t judge the prostitute for her actions.

Pastor why you con dey judge Mohbad.

As a pastor, you should know better.


God take him give us mohbad 🙏.



Thank God Man no be GOD.

Nonsense and ingredients.


Pastor haba is like you loosing touch with reality, what else could a boy from the street do to his master who is higly influential in the society he tried his best to even redeem his image but that cost him his life sef ….

pastor abeg dis one no go.


Sir you are not God!

YES, he may have joined bad gang before either knowingly or unknowingly but at some POINT, he left and repented he went to church to seek God’s forgiveness and I believe he was forgiven but for you as a pastor to come out and say this is a no from me.

YES, you are a pastor but you are not God. Mohbad means mohbad+bright and destined! It is well.

moregrace. raphael: If stupidity was a person!!!! Religion is indeed a scam and evil to Africa and entire world, but it’s okay to let some y’all who are still a client to these pastors and system realize it later 👍🏻