“It should be Naira Marley” – 2022 prophecy of Nigerian man about ‘popular star’ resurfaces (VIDEO)


Netizens were taken aback after a prophecy which was given in the year 2022 resurfaced on social media.

Netizens who watched the video claimed that the prophecy was about popular Nigerian artiste Naira Marley.

Dated October 24, 2022, the prophecy describes a young and vibrant star who finds himself caught up in a situation that brings his name into disrepute.

It suggests that despite his fans’ claims of a setup, the authorities apprehended him.

According to the prophecy, the star became entangled in activities that are frowned upon by the Nigerian government.

The nature of these activities was not explicitly mentioned, but it was clear that they have a significant impact on the star’s life and reputation.

The prophecy implied that his involvement in such matters has far-reaching consequences.

The prophecy further stated that if the star was to be taken away, the music industry would experience a significant shake-up.

The prophet said, “There is a popular young man, very vibrant young man who is a star. The man at the center of his own world, a star in Nigeria.

But this man I see him engage in something that brought his name to the mud. His fans are arguing that it was a set up but the police caught him.

I see him get himself involved in what Nigerian government does not want and the thing affected him so badly.

If they take away this person, he music industry will shake.”

The prophecy has sparked intense debate among netizens, with many speculating on its accuracy and implications for Naira Marley’s future.

@official_eberry1 said: “This is very big evidence; this simply means he’s guilty of this crime.”

@iamibabie commented: “A direct, detailed, accurate prophecy.”

@lyrx_dvl reacted: “Seems people don’t know about prophecy.

Y’all saying why he did not call name; prophecy is not like that sometimes.

You can be privileged to see brief and send general warnings anyone in the act now have the responsibility to change or continue.

The main thing is that the pastor delivers what he saw and that’s all.

And it will happen if the person in question does t change.”

@lily_ antho reacted; “Fake or real, prophecies come to pass.”

@iamemmryz reacted: “Omoh! And some go say prophecy nor real.”

@theycallmeabwizzy said: “Some prophecies are real from God.”

@bdiluscious reacted: “Omo People See future ooh.”

@leo_david101 commented: “Hmmm God doesn’t play Dice.”

@eselopez6 commented: “And the word of God came to pass a month to a year.”

See the video below: