Are you planning to Japa? See top 4 universities in USA that Nigerians can apply to with HND transcripts.


The desire to leave Nigeria and study abroad has become popular among many Nigerian youths.

As soon as they graduate from higher institutions such as polytechnics, universities and colleges, many Nigerian youths look forward to travelling abroad to further their studies.

One of the countries considered as a top choice is the United States of America, USA. Many of those who want to travel to the USA for their master’s degree only possess Nigeria’s Higher National Diploma.

They often wonder if the schools they want to attend accept HND without WES evaluation.

WES, which stands for World Education Services, helps foreign students convert their home certificates, such as HND, to their US equivalents. At the moment, the cost of WES evaluation for HND is pegged at N161k, according to the WES website.

This amount is often considered exorbitant by many Nigerians seeking to apply for admission in the USA with their HND certificates.

But the good news is that there are universities in the United States that accept HND transcripts without WES evaluation.

This article highlights five of them.

1. University of Vermont uses in-house evaluation

Founded in 1791, the University of Vermont is one of the top study destinations that Nigerians can apply to if they want to further their education abroad with their HND.

Scholarship Carfe lists the University of Vermont as one of the schools where Nigerian students can apply without having their HND transcripts evaluated by WES.

The school waives the WES evaluation for international students who apply to study there. However, there is a caveat that the school would evaluate the documents in-house.

A statement on the school’s website reads:

“While unofficial transcripts are acceptable for review of applications, an official transcript will be required for a program to admit you.

If you do not use an approved credential evaluation service, academic credentials earned from institutions outside the United States will receive an in-house evaluation.”

2. The University Oklahoma and HND transcript

Nigerian students wishing to study in the United States can also apply to the University of Oklahoma without having their HND transcripts evaluated by WES.

Located at 660 Parrington Oval, Norman, Oklahoma, the university accepts and reviews certificates without necessarily requiring WES.

It states:

“To be eligible for graduate study at The University of Oklahoma, you must have received at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an institution approved to offer credit and degrees at the bachelor’s level or higher by the home country’s Ministry of Education (or other government authorized authority).

“Your Admissions Counselor will review your academic records and determine whether you are meet the eligibility requirements.

In some circumstances, we may request that you submit additional documentation to assist in this evaluation process.”

3. Illinois State University accepts HND without WES

Nigerian students wishing to further their education at Illinois State University can apply to the school without having their HND transcripts evaluated by WES.

The Illinois State University was founded in 1857 and is a good study destination for Nigerians going to the USA for additional certificates.

The ISU states in its international students’ guidelines that it accepts unofficial academic records from all schools attended.

The school adds that:

“If accepted to the University, we will require official academic records from all schools attended.”

This means students can apply to the school and submit their documents without going through WES.

4. The University of Arizona also waives WES

Scholarship Cafe also lists the University of Arizona as one of the schools that accepts HND transcripts without WES evaluation.

The school listed Nigeria on its website as one of the countries where it accepts a four-year first degree, a bachelor or a professional title from its students.


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