NEVILLE Records presents the much-awaited release from the budding artist Khaid, titled “Emotions EP.”

Staying true to its title, Emotions EP offers a captivating fusion of musical creativity. Despite making his debut at the youthful age of 17 through his 2022 work “DIVERSITY,” Khaid, the emerging talent from Nigeria, convincingly demonstrates his skill in honoring his Lagos-originated musical roots.

Simultaneously, he skillfully incorporates diverse global influences that contribute to the ongoing expansion of African music on a worldwide scale.

Emotions is a statement piece that encourages listeners to embrace the free-spirited range of vibes that Khaid believes define his music.

From playful sing-alongs to introspective love songs, with Khaid’s effortless blend of spirituality and passion, the EP displays his versatility in channeling feelings through music.

” want every song to relate to some part of someone’s life,” Khaid tells Apple Music.

Whether it’s the choral sounds or high-energy drum patterns, Emotions highlights his maturity and potential to channel the narrative of a new generation of musicians.

Music below: –