Labour reduces minimum wage demand to N500,000


The Organized Labour has reduced its minimum wage demand from N615,000 to N500,000 at the ongoing Tripartite Committee as they seek to reach a resolution in negotiations.

According to Vanguard, the government is hesitant on increasing their N54,000 offer, as they complained about non-availability of fund and the inability of the private sector to pay.

But the private sector has made additional N3,000 taking up its offer to N57,000 from the initial N54,000.

A statement reads:

“Government has agreed that NLC is using evidence-based presentation.

But they argue that eight states are not paying or not fully implementing the 2019 minimum wage.”

“Government is talking of non-availability of fund.

They are also talking about the inability of the private sector to pay.”

The organized labor in turn said:

“Labour has been requested to shift in response to the Government.

They complied and came down to N500,000.”

“The Imo State Governor has stepped in.

He is not a member of the committee but it is good that there is at least a governor, as the six governors in the committee have been regularly absent.”