Liverpool star had ‘stolen’ payslip leaked online forcing club to launch investigation


Former Liverpool star John Arne Riise once had his payslip leaked online, which forced a club investigation.

Riise spent seven years playing as a left-back at Liverpool, winning several honors including the 2005 Champions League, before securing a transfer to Roma in 2008.

But at a low point in his Reds career, the Norway star had his pay slip leaked across the Internet, revealing his wage, address and national insurance number.

In 2007 Riise’s £139,634 a month salary was revealed, broken down into four categories.

The pay slip, which is from the 2006/07 campaign, shows that Riise took home more than £82,000 after paying some £55,500 in tax.

The entries in Riise’s pay slip include a £250 points bonus as well as a £36 ticket deduction which suggests even Premier League stars don’t get freebies to games.

In total, the figure showed a monthly wage of £120,000 with the £250, £4,000 appearance money and a Champions League figure of £15,384.62 added on.

That resulted in a monthly gross salary of £139,634.62.

Deducted from his salary was an enormous £55,508.28 in tax, some £1611.67 in National Insurance, £65 worth of meals and a £36 ticket fee.

Meanwhile, the pay slip shows £304,137.66 worth of tax deducted for the year.

While the figures revealed on the pay slip may have left Riise red-faced at the time, the Mail Online claimed the defender was more concerned about the sensitive personal information contained within his pay packet appearing on the website images.

The player’s tax code and National Insurance details were published alongside the figures.

A Liverpool spokesperson at the time said: “We are taking the matter extremely seriously and we are investigating.”