Man drags Delta hospital and others to court over wife’s death


A grieving husband has dragged several institutions and individuals to the Delta State High Court over the death of his 33-year-old wife, Mrs Anesther Egede.

Mr. Festus Godson Egede is suing the Eku Baptist/General Hospital, Delta State, the MD, the team of doctors, and the state government, among others for professional negligence that allegedly led to his wife’s death.

The suit no HCI/44/2023 listed Mr. Festus Godson Egede as claimant and Eku Baptist/General Hospital, Delta state government, MD, Eku Baptist/General Hospital, Dr Totibo among others as defendants.

Godson Egede said that Dr. Ebom Totibo allegedly left cotton wool in his wife’s abdomen after surgery which led to her death.

He said, “My wife Mrs. Egede Anesther was having pain in her abdomen and we went to Catholic Hospital Obiaruku, where she was admitted and a scan of her abdomen was duly recommended by the Hospital.

“The above hospital recommended a scan and was conducted on her, whereof it was discovered that she had appendicitis.

“They said the appendicitis was not up to 7.6% as discovered and as such not up to the level for her to need the minor appendicitis operation.

“She was discharged from the Catholic Hospital after two days of admission, the medical personnel who attended to her told us that the appendicitis was not ripe for operation and that same should be managed.

“When she got home, the pain persisted, then I took her to Eku Baptist/General Hospital for further examination of the already established appendicitis.


Man drags Delta hospital and others to court over wife


“At the General Hospital, we met a medical doctor by the name of Dr. Ebom Totibo who once again directed that another scan be conducted on her.

“Dr. Totibo also recommended the Center (P. Wave Scan, Delta State) where the scan was conducted, and after Dr. Totibo conducted further physical examination on my wife, he opined that her appendicitis was due and directed that we should return the next day for the surgical operation to remove the appendicitis.

“The following day, we returned to the hospital where the surgical operation was conducted on her for the removal of the appendicitis.

“After the operation, the head of the team Dr. Ebom Totibo told me that my late wife was too fat and as a result of that, her intestines covered appendicitis, and that the appendicitis was not removed”

He further stated that instead, the medical team re-arranged her intestines, explaining the issues as discovered by the team as “attempted appendectomy”.

Mr Egede stated that after the operation his wife was wheeled to the private ward for close observation, noting that instead of improving, she started rapid deterioration, as her abdomen began to swell, and she could not gas or stool for over 14 days.

“One of the medical doctors on duty recommended that an MRI scan be conducted on her to clearly ascertain the position of the surgical operation conducted on her.

“They also recommended an MRI scan which was conducted on her at Lily Hospital Benin City, Edo State, and the result analysed by a plethora of specialists, showed that Dr. Ebom Totibo and his team left a huge cotton wool on my wife’s abdomen after the surgical operation, which has led to her death” he added.

He said the family had already petitioned the hospital over negligence of duty, noting that he met with Delta State Hospital Management Board on Thursday, July 20, 2023, over his petition.