Man with Goliath-like stature causes stir as he walks on the streets

A viral video of an unidentified man with Goliath-like stature has taken the internet by storm.

With over two million views and counting, the captivating footage showcases the ‘giant’ making a public appearance, causing a frenzy among onlookers who could hardly believe their eyes.

The video, which has ignited fervent discussions across social media platforms, captures the mesmerizing moment when the towering individual walks amidst a sea of people.

As the giant-like figure navigates through the crowd, gasps of surprise and expressions of sheer amazement are evident on the faces of those lucky enough to witness the spectacle firsthand.

The sheer contrast in size between the unidentified man and his surrounding admirers is nothing short of astounding.

People gathered around him clearly unable to contain their curiosity and fascination.

Comparisons to the biblical figure Goliath have flooded online platforms, drawing parallels between the awe-inspiring giant in the video and the Philistine warrior from the Book of Samuel in the Holy Bible.

Netizens Reactions…
@Melody said: “As this guy tall reach, he is still inside my phone.””If you are watching inside your phone just no say the guy no talk pass your phone.”

@Manage juniorniho said; “I don’t understand,is like this people are very local they have never see a taller person in their life before.”

@dulcefoster said; “He need to go to America to play basketball and bring money to his country.”

@som said; “Gingatism, a problem with the pituitary gland located in the brain in which growth hormone is over secreted.”

@Kingbless Dewriter said: “Someone should go and bring David now. history has repeated itself.”

@JAYjay1_BEEX said: “Eii guy abeg check what’s happening in 2024 for me.”

@Farhart Mohammed said, “Someone should go n bring David now.

David plz finshnes this Goliath the history has repeated itself.”

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