Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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“Mohbad was killed” – Naira Marley’s sister Shubomi insists

The sister of artist Naira MarleyShubomi has taken to her Twitter page to join the bandwagon as she claims Mohbad was killed.

Many Nigerians have accused Naira Marley and his crew of being behind the death of artist Mohbad.

Many have trooped to the Instagram page of Naira Marley to drag him over Mohbad’s death.


'Mohbad was killed


Following the accusations, the sister of Naira Marley, Shubomi has taken to her page to say that he believes strongly that Mohbad was killed however, she chided Nigerians accusing her brother of killing Mohbad.

According to her, Mohbad was going through a lot aside from the issues he had with her brother and the Marlian record label.

She recounted when Mohbad had wanted to commit suicide but was saved by his girlfriend.

She tweeted, “Mohbad was having a lot going on with him, even aside the issues he had with Marley& Marlian record Label, I remember when he almost committed suicide thanks to his gf who intervened but calling or pointing hands to Marley is uncalled for, you all should know where to draw the line”.


'Mohbad was killed' - Naira Marley's sister Shubomi insists


'Mohbad was killed' - Naira Marley's sister Shubomi insists




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