Motorists in disbelief as he sees cow tied to Keke Napep [VIDEO]


A man was left shocked after he spotted a big cow tied to the back of a moving keke napep on a main road.

The shocking sight was filmed by the man after he spotted the animal being conveyed to an unknown destination.

Motorist in disbelief as he sees cow died to Keke napep


In the video which was shared online, the cow was seen tightly secured to the back of the tricycle.

The motorist who recorded is kept exclaiming in surprise at the discordant sight.

Watch the video below;


In reaction, hambog04 wrote: “I can bet with anything… Na Hausa man be person.😂😂😂”

@whyte_adam wrote: “This serious 😦😦😦, wisdom no go kill some pple”

@saythetruth said: “Haa!
I’ve seen it all 🥺”

Badboy_4kt said: “If the person ties your destiny, I no sure say you fit progress.”.