“My wife’s friends who made her leave me are now my side chics” – Cab driver tells his story


Emmanuel Echeta, a Nigerian man, shared a remarkable account involving a Bolt driver.

Echeta detailed a fascinating encounter with the Bolt driver who confided in him about marital challenges, revealing that his wife, influenced by advice from her friends, had decided to end their marriage due to perceived inadequacies in his care for her.

What adds an intriguing twist to the story is that the very individuals who encouraged the wife to leave her husband were found tailing him to his residence.

Emmanuel disclosed that the woman eventually left her husband, a cab driver, a month later.

It was only when the driver’s neighbor observed him consistently returning home with his wife’s female friends that they felt compelled to reach out to her and apprise her of the situation.

The intriguing part is that the same people who advised her to abandon her marriage have been trailing her spouse to his home.

According to Emmanuel, the woman left her cab driver husband a month later.

The driver’s neighbor had to contact her to let her know what was going on after noticing that he was consistently returning home with his wife’s female friends.