“Na tumeric she use?” – Slay mama causes a mixed reaction as she’s spotted with a ‘strange’ makeup (VIDEO)


Fashion police, makeup artists call for immediate arrest as a slay mama is spotted at a bar with a Strange-looking makeup.

The orange-haired woman was seen in public with a badly done makeup and the recorder couldn’t help but film her.

'Na tumeric she use?' - Slay mama causes a buzz as she's spotted with a 'strange' makeup (Video)


She was spotted sitting at a table with her friends, drinking and having a good time with no regard of her botched make-up.

Netizens who spotted the video have blamed her friends for allowing her to leave the house which such kind of makeup.

Check out reactions gathered …

@𝐊𝐀🌟’ wrote: “birthday makeup 😭”

@Ms tik tok commented: “ahh it’s giving Zimbabwe 😭😭😭”

@jyn makenna wrote: “i blame the friends 🤣🤣i cant let my friend step out like that”

@miss dela😊 said: “looks like tumeric powder😂😂😂😂”

@💋💌 observed: “didnt even bother to blend the edges😭”

Watch video below…