Naira Marley is wealthy, but what are the sources of his wealth?


Aside from Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy, the three poster boys of the Afrobeat movement, which is now a global movement, it was said that no other Nigerian musician comes close to him in terms of cash.

He is liquid.

In Lekki alone, he owns more than 100 properties, which he rents out.

In Ajah, he is one of the biggest landlords there, as he owns hectares of land, which he has yet to develop.

The reason he is that rich is not because he sings better than his colleagues.

He does not join his colleagues who spend most of their time abroad doing music tours for Nigerians living abroad.

He is an Idan and does not have that time.

His songs are lewd, so they are targeted at a niche, so not many people listen to him, by the way.

The reason why it is so is because it was said that he allegedly runs a drug empire, so he uses his boys to sell illegal drugs.

Zino, one of the boys signed under him, was said to be one of the Mules that pushed drugs for him.

Before this bruhahaha started, a lot of young boys in the street loved him.

They want to be him so badly.

They want to associate with and identify with him.

That is why he has a group of deranged delusional followers who call themselves Marlians.

At the peak of the general election in Nigeria, Naira Marley came to say that he had 2 billion naira in cash in the bank to give to any of the presidential candidates, and he was not joking.

He meant it.

Since 2020, Azeez Fashola, known as Naira Maley, has not used commercial flights.

He does not join the rest of us plebes and commoners to wait for our flight at the airport.

He chartered private jets weekly, and on average.

You need $5,000-$10,000 to charter a private jet for an hour trip in Nigeria.

Because of how unbelievable a liquid he is, Naira Marley believed that nothing would happen to him.

He has this philosophy that once you have money in Nigeria, you are protected by the state and a sacred cow.

That was the confidence that gave him the audacity to hound Mohbad to death.

He believes that nothing will happen to him.

But Mohbad appears to be the final bus stop, as Nigerians have refused to give up on the matter.

They are posting, tweeting, talking, and doing anything they can to find justice for the young man, and deservedly so.

Today alone, the management of Splash FM, one of the leading radio station chains in Nigeria, has placed a ban on broadcasting Naira Marley songs across all its stations, citing the ongoing investigation into the mysterious death of musician Mohbad.

Another radio station in Ibadan, Agidigbo FM has banned all songs from Naira Marley’s Marlian Records on their radio station.

Over 900,000 people have unfollowed Naira Marley on Instagram since this whole madness started.

Because of your outcry, Nigerian police were forced to set up a crack detective team to investigate the cause of Mohbad’s death.

Naira Marley is learning for the first time and in real time that no matter how wealthy you are.

Your money will fail you and will not be enough once Nigerians in a greater number gang up against you.

So, my dear people of Nigeria, let’s not give up on our advocacy for one of us who was noble and had a pure heart, according to the accounts of those who knew him when he was alive.

Mohbad will get justice.

That is the debt we owe his soul and his memory.