NH STORY!!! Story of a very strong warrior named aro in Ilaro town in Ogun state


Welcome back to NL Story, today we will be traveling back in time to the kingdom of Ilaro, and we’re going to read about a STRONG WARRIOR named “Aro “

Sit back and enjoy this one!


Ilaro town was founded in the 18th century by Aro who migrated from the state of Oyo town to settle down in Igbo Aje, a little hill situated at the center of the town from where he and his warriors could sight enemies (mostly slave traders from the neighboring Benin republic known then as Dahomey) on attack from a long distance.

Aro himself was a warrior and a hunter to be reckoned with.

Ilaro had her name from “Ilu Aro” meaning the settlement of Aro which later became Ilaro for ease of pronunciation. Ancient Ilaro town was blessed with great farmers, hunters, and warriors.

Oronna was known by the Ilaro people to be a hero, a brave warrior who was said to have brought several victories to the land during the war, mostly against the Dahomeans Army who constantly threatened the peace of the Land.

He was a man who distinguished and committed himself to the safety, and well-being of the land as he stood in war to defend the land against intruders.

According to history This place where Orona disappeared into the ground with his Leopard is today known as the Orona Shrine and has been renovated and constructed as an emolument for lovers of history and tourists.

It is also the location where the coronation of every new traditional ruler of the town is performed. The Orona Ilaro Festival is celebrated annually in remembrance of the great warrior.

The Orona Ilaro festival is however most significant for its attraction of culture and tourism enthusiasts to the town.

The festival which always happens in November is one that lasts for one week.

Within this one week are lots of events that feature all of Ilaro’s cultural and social life such as Street Carnival, Tourism activities, cultural beauty pageant, masquerade displays and festival dances, a talent hunt, medical check-up programs, and many more.