“Nigerians facing economic, security challenges” – Tinubu


The president praised the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces and pledged to defend Nigeria’s sovereignty.

He stated,

“While we acknowledge the security challenges we face, we refuse to let them tarnish the honor and strength of our armed forces.

Upholding our sovereignty and ensuring the well-being of our citizens remain our top priorities.”

Addressing the nation’s challenges, he expressed optimism about overcoming them, particularly the economic hurdles.

He noted improvements in revenue generation and assured that better management would lead to positive outcomes.

The president assured citizens that despite the current difficulties, brighter days are ahead.

He promised enhanced support, saying, “We will ensure that every Nigerian enjoys the fruits of prosperity.”

Highlighting the resilience of the nation, he emphasized unity and determination as essential tools in overcoming adversity.

He concluded with a message of hope, affirming that Nigeria’s collective efforts would lead to a brighter future for all.