OMG! Man narrates how his N3,500 dog got him into prison


A young man in Adamawa State has confessed to a prison amnesty committee how he stole a dog, sold it at N3,500 and ended up in prison.

The man, Sani Shuaibu, currently on awaiting trial and held at Yolde Pate Medium Security Custodial Center in Yola, told visiting Adamawa State Jail Delivery Committee how he stole the dog, obtained N3,500 from a buyer, bought shoes with the money, but got arrested.

Sani, who is from Jimeta in Yola North Local Government Area, said he picked up the dog around their community and sold it to a man.

The accused, who has spent some months in prison, was however lucky as he became one of 223 awaiting-trial inmates freed by the committee after he confessed to the crime.

The committee headed by the Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Hapsat Abdulrahaman, discharged the accused when his case came up for review late on Wednesday.

The Adamawa State Jail Delivery Committee, a body set up to decongest the several prisons across the State, has disposed of hundreds of awaiting trial cases since it started visiting the prisons on Monday.