Passenger caught stealing on air peace Abuja-to-Port Harcourt flight (VIDEO)


Yesterday morning, an incident occurred on an Air Peace flight from Abuja to Port Harcourt involving a passenger named Mr. Vitalis Nwabuzor, who was wearing a blue safari outfit.

In a video, it can be seen that he took another passenger’s computer bag from the overhead luggage compartment during the flight and removed the money contained in a brown envelope.

After taking the money, Mr. Nwabuzor relocated the computer bag to a different compartment and then moved to an unoccupied seat at the back of the aircraft.

Despite the announcement for passengers to disembark line by line, starting from the front, he managed to be among the first few to leave the plane.

Fortunately, he was apprehended, and the stolen money was recovered from him. The authorities found various currencies in different denominations on his person.

This incident serves as a warning to those traveling on local commercial flights in Nigeria to be cautious of potential thieves like Mr. Vitalis Nwabuzor.

Video Below:-