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Reactions as family pulls up for burial with spinning coffin (Video)

A video showing a family convoy, one of which carried a spinning coffin with women at the driver’s side, during a burial, has caused a buzz on the internet.

In the clip, a brown coffin was seen spinning around from behind while two women sat calmly at the front of the vehicle.

The positioning of the spinning coffin and the cars shown in the clip has captured the attention of individuals who have taken to the comment page to react.

One individual who left a comment suggested that the corpse in the coffin might be feeling dizzy as a result of the spinning.

See some reactions below:

waolys: “the corpse is gonna be Dizzy.”

Strobotex: “These burials are not meant to honour the dead, but to massage the egos of their relatives who are at liberty to spend ‘their’ money as they wish.”

hononifadeolamile: “When they said life is vanity, yet u can define the can off vanity u want but to me. I MUST NOT BE POOR.”

zaradaniels2: “Levels of burial thing keee no be the same ground the dead body go enter?”

debbyb: “Hope the person in the coffin enjoyed money before dieing,that’s my concern oooo.”

antheafortuin36: “This too lavish 4 me.

I just feel u can use that money mucb better.”

user1732358286286: “I can never be celebrated this way, if it was his bday de won’t celebrate in this manner, I shall live to declare the work of the lord.”




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