Six (6) warning signs that indicate it’s time to deworm


Keep an eye out for a few signs on your body to determine if you need to deworm. If you experience any of the following signs according to Healthline, your body may require deworming:

1. Worms in stool

We hardly ever check our poop, even though we ought to.

Live worms in your feces indicate that the number of worms in your body is high enough for some of them to pass through with your waste.

In extreme cases, white material may also be seen; this could be eggs or maggots that will eventually turn into worms.

2. Loss of appetite

You can lose your appetite for a variety of reasons, but it can also be a sign that you are infected with worms.

Worms’ interactions with the digestive tract result in a decrease in appetite.

Most worms also release an acid into the stomach lining, which affects appetite.

3. Strains

You are more likely to get reddish, occasionally itchy skin rashes when you have worms. The chemical that the worms release into your body cause the rashes.

4. Itchy anus

This is embarrassing and painful. Deworm yourself as soon as possible if you have an itchy anus to stop the worms from multiplying.

Because some worms that are expelled through the feces get stuck in the anus and continue to live there, you could experience skin irritation as a result.

Six (6) Warning Signs That Indicate It's Time to Deworm

5. An unexplained weight loss

You may have worms if you consistently undereat without making any effort to do so. The worms may still absorb some of the nutrients even if you are consuming enough, leaving your body with very little.

6. Hunger after eating

The worms depend on your food intake, so it’s usual to eat even after you feel full. Visit a doctor or get some deworming medication from a drugstore.