Sticking/Pinning of Sponsored Post on Homepage


You have your Post on Naijahitz already but want it to receive larger traffic and you want more people to see it and patronize you? for just 200k/Week.

If yes, sticking your post on the Naijahitz website homepage is the best thing you can think off.

Our homepage is the page with the most Traffic.

So, having your article displaying here gives it maximum expose as more people will get to see it and engage with it.

NOTE: – Your post must have been published on Naijahitz before you can activate this package.

You need to have your Post (whether our Awareness Sponsored Post or Marketing Sponsored Post) published on Naijahitz.

Once you then pay, we will bring your Post back on our page and you will see the clear difference.


After paying to have your Post on our website, your post will go down or away from our Homepage (where the Traffic is always very huge) once we start posting new Post/Contents.

We always advise our clients to activate this package for their Sponsored Post so it can keep it on the Homepage for long so the post can enjoy huge visibility & traffic and that means HIGHER CONVERSION as more eyes will get to see it.

Picture explanation of how the Sticky post works 👇