Striking Right Chords: Musical odyssey of Tungba hip-hop creator


In the vibrant city of Warri, Delta State, a musical journey unfolded in 2012 that marked the beginning of Oyerinde Sola Elijah (a.k.a SAMLIJA)’s professional career.

From that auspicious start, this artist has crafted a unique path in the world of music having recorded over 30 tracks and sharing insights into his artistry, inspirations, and aspirations.striking-right-chords-musical-odyssey

Inception and Evolutional, Samlija reminisces about the genesis of his musical Endeavor, tracing it back to the streets of Warri.

It was in this dynamic city that he had his maiden recording, a steppingstone that launched him into a prolific career.

Since that initiation, SAMLIJA has consistently added to his repertoire, recording over 30 tracks that resonate with diverse audiences.

Divine Inspiration

When asked about primary inspirations, SAMLIJA acknowledges a source beyond the earthly realm.

“Only God is my primary source of inspiration because He gave me a better talent, and I used it in a normal way,” he expressed.

This spiritual connection shapes the authenticity and depth of SAMLIJA’s musical creations.

Crafting a Unique Sound

The distinctive style of SAMLIJA’s music emerges as “tungba hip-hop” that seamlessly blends Yoruba and English.striking-right-chords-musical-odyssey

This fusion becomes a powerful medium through which SAMLIJA imparts motivation and inspiration to his listeners, weaving impactful messages into his lyrics.

Hit Songs and Video

SAMLIJA, out of a series of tracks recorded to his music career, identifies ‘Lokan mi’ recorded in 2015 and ‘ORI MI’ in 2019 as the most populous among his tracks and these motivated him to shoot videos for the two tracks.

Live Performances and Memorable Moments

Reflecting on live performances, Oyerinde Sola Elijah (a.k.a SAMLIJA) highlights a significant moment in 2021 when he captivated the audience in Owena Ijesa, Osun State.

The warmth and enthusiasm of the fans left an indelible mark, underscoring the reciprocal connection between him and his audience.

Media Coverage and Promotion

The Ori-mi-crooner acknowledge the impact of media coverage in his career and highlights that “Fresh FM, Solutions FM, Jamz FM, Splash FM, Lagelu FM, Tungba FM, Ikorodu FM, Okin FM, TnT FM, Blast FM, etc” helped him gain exposure and connect with fans by playing his music constantly.

Musical Icons and Wise Counsel

Drawing inspiration from the renowned musician Oriste Femi, SAMLIJA acknowledges the influence that musical talibas can have on aspiring artists.striking-right-chords-musical-odyssey

However, the most valuable advice received on his musical journey is to “move on and work hard for a better future,” a mantra that propels him forward.

Future Endeavors and Creative Roots

Looking ahead, SAMLIJA, Mr Dancia as some fans called him, unveils an upcoming EP titled “MTN – Music to Natural,” teasing the anticipation of fresh musical offerings.

His creative inspiration finds roots in the city of Ibadan, his birthplace, and resonates with the support received during his school days.

Art and Societal Impact

In SAMLIJA’s perspective, art, including music, plays a crucial role in shaping societal experiences.

It acts as a transformative force, turning negative narratives into positive ones through the expressions found in music and other art forms.

Driving Forces: Money, Fans, and Family

The motivations behind SAMLIJA’s musical endeavors are simple yet powerful – money, fans, and family.

These driving forces fuel his commitment to creating music that not only entertains but also addresses societal issues through words of advice.

Overcoming Challenges and Staying True to Style

Navigating challenges in the professional art industry, SAMLIJA emphasizes the importance of timing and wisely using the opportunities presented.

His unique style remains untouched by trends, as he proudly asserts, “I create the style myself.”

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