Suspects explain how they killed Kwara club owner who wanted threesome


The duo suspects of Adama Joseph and Oreoluwa Davies, arrested by the Nigeria Police for killing a club owner in Kwara State, Adeniyi Ojo, have narrated how they killed the socialite.

The ladies paraded by the police in Abuja on Wednesday evening confessed to the crime, attributing the causes of their action to the late socialite’s covetousness, stinginess, and lack of care.

According to Punch report, the Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, while parading the suspects said, “On October 6, 2023, police operatives apprehended the two suspects, Adama and Oreoluwa, who are both students of Kwara State Polytechnic for their involvement in the robbery and murder of Mr Adeniyi Ojo, the son of Chief Emmanuel Ojo, a prominent figure in Ilorin, Kwara State.

“Through meticulous investigative work, our officers were able to track and apprehend these suspects in Mowe Ibafo, Ogun State.

“In a tragic incident, the duo tied the deceased under the guise of having a sex romp and demanded money from him. But when he was not forthcoming, they resorted to drugging and suffocating him, leading to his untimely demise,” the Force PRO stated.

Speaking during the interrogation, Adama said the victim had been demanding a sexual relationship with her for some time, but she had refused because she was working under him at some point, and when she quit the job, he failed to meet her financial needs whenever she requested. Oreoluwa also agreed with Adama’s narration of the event.

“We had finished our ND programme at Kwara Polytechnic before the incident happened. We didn’t plan to kill him.

On that particular day, we intended to steal from him, so we told him that we wanted to do BDSM, and he agreed to have a threesome with me and my friend (Oreoluwa).

“After Oreoluwa tied his hands and legs, I tried to gag his mouth, but he refused, and I stopped.

So, when we couldn’t find any money in his pocket, my friend took his phone and showed it to his face to open it with a facial lock, but he started shouting, loosened one of the ropes on his hands, and started hitting my friend.

We put Refnol (Rohypnol) in his mouth.

“So, in a bid to stop him from making noise, my friend put a pillow over his face, and when he went silent, we told him that we were leaving because we thought he was pretending, but he didn’t respond, so we left.

I touched him with a dead knife used for cutting the cake, but he didn’t bleed as I never meant to stab him or hurt him; we only wanted to take his money.

We didn’t know he died until when the police arrested us in Ogun State. We only took his phone, the knife, and the ropes with us.”

Meanwhile, BDSM is an abbreviation for bondage, discipline (or domination), sadism (or submission), and masochism, which refers to a range of sexual preferences that generally relate to the enjoyment of physical control, psychological control, and/or pain.

A threesome, on the other hand, is a form of group sex that may occur in private situations, such as spontaneous sexual activities among three friends or in the context of casual sex or a hook-up. Alternatively, it may occur in specific contexts or environments that allow for sex, such as swingers’ events, orgies or sex parties.