Terry G publicly calls out Timaya over alleged unpaid royalties

Nigerian singer and producer, Terry G, has taken to his Instagram page to publicly confront Timaya, accusing him of failing to pay royalties for his work.

Terry G, whose real name is Gabriel Oche Amanyi expressed his dissatisfaction and disgust with the situation in a social media post on Wednesday, February 26, 2024.

In his statement, Akpako Master hitmaker mentioned that he had been contemplating addressing the issue, particularly after hearing other musicians discuss their experiences with unpaid royalties on podcasts.

He asserted his intention to speak out boldly, warning that “table will be used for firewood” when he chooses to voice his grievances.

Terry G made it clear that he expects Timaya and other musicians to fulfill their obligations by paying him the 50% producer publishing royalties owed to him.

Using himself as an example, he lamented the treatment he claims to have received from other producers, portraying a narrative of exploitation and disregard.

In his post, Terry G stated, “Looking at all the podcasts and disclosure artists speaking up, the day I go talk on my own, the table will be used for firewood.

If you know I produced this song for you, “I need my 50% producer publishing royalties from Himaya and others.

But all the producers out there use me as an example of how they use and dump greatness. But still, I rise.”

The public call-out by Terry G sheds light on ongoing issues within the music industry regarding fair compensation and recognition for artists and producers, highlighting the complexities surrounding royalty payments and artist-producer relationships.