There’ll be removal of presidents, revolution in Africa – Primate Ayodele shares prophecy


Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has shared his prophesies for the year as he revealed that he foresees the removal of some presidents and revolution in the African continent very soon.

The renowned man of God said some presidents who have spent years in power and those who are transferring power to their offspring would bear the brunt of the impending revolution.

According to the clergyman, there will be protests against presidents as citizens would begin to challenge whoever they put in power, as he explained that he saw a new dawn regarding the economy of the African continent.

In his words:

“The time for judgment is near for those who transfer power to their children.

Revolution is coming to Africa and it will sweep away those who have spent many years in power.

“They will begin to rise against them nationwide; the populace will rise up against them.

I see general crisis in Africa politics, a new dawn is coming to African economy, I see freedom from the shackles of dollar.”


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