Top 10 African nations with the least alcohol consumption


Alcohol consumption patterns across the African continent are as diverse as the cultures and traditions that shape them.

In this article, we delve into the World Health Organization (WHO) data to identify the 10 African countries with the lowest alcohol consumption rates.

To offer a clearer comparison, we present this data in a table format.

1. Somalia – 0.00: Somalia stands out with a remarkable zero alcohol consumption rate, mainly due to the cultural and religious significance of abstaining from alcohol.

2. Mauritania – 0.00: Similarly, Mauritania records an alcohol consumption rate of zero, reflecting the influence of cultural norms and Islamic beliefs.

3. Libya – 0.01: Libya follows closely with a minimal consumption rate of 0.01, highlighting the limited presence of alcohol in the country.

4. Niger – 0.11: Niger maintains a conservative approach to alcohol with a consumption rate of 0.11, indicating its unique societal values.

5. Egypt – 0.14: Egypt, home to a predominantly Muslim population, boasts a low alcohol consumption rate of 0.14, driven by religious teachings.

6. Senegal – 0.25: Senegal embraces a moderate approach to alcohol, with a consumption rate of 0.25 that aligns with its cultural norms.

7. Guinea – 0.33: Guinea exhibits a culture where moderate alcohol consumption is the norm, reflected in its consumption rate of 0.33.

8. Morocco – 0.51: Morocco, known for its rich cultural diversity, maintains a relatively low alcohol consumption rate of 0.51 compared to some neighbouring countries.

9. DR Congo – 0.56: The Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) reports a moderate alcohol consumption rate of 0.56, ler than several other African nations.

10. Chad – 0.55: Chad rounds off the list with an alcohol consumption rate of 0.55, influenced by its cultural traditions and societal values.

[th]Rank[/th] [th]Country[/th] [th]Alcohol Consumption Rate[/th]

1 Somalia 0.00
2 Mauritania 0.00
3 Libya 0.01
4 Niger 0.11
5 Egypt 0.14
6 Senegal 0.25
7 Guinea 0.33
8 Morocco 0.51
9 DR Congo 0.56
10 Chad 0.55