Trending video of VeryDarkMan’s house interior surprises many


A video that surfaced online has captured the surprising state of VeryDarkMan’s self-contained apartment.

In the video, VeryDarkMan was seen lamenting bitterly over the rumors spreading all over the internet about his lifestyle.

While ranting online, he displayed the shocking state of his house which looked scattered with some his properties on the ground.

Viewers were surprised by his living conditions, and they took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

The fast-rising activist also addressed rumors alleging that he was bribed with the sum of N10 million.

“They paid me 10 million, and my house is like this.

They paid me 10 million, and I’m washing my clothes”, he said.

@sarimaa said: “Oga but why you dey stay for here with your big muscles?”

@Janette asked: “So na here you dey live? You no even get better shower.”

@bestamong22 wrote: “You go explain tire.”

@firstlady_001 reacted: “Na so, no mind them.”

@bes22 added: “Even you don’t have a good ring light.”

Watch the video below: