Types of Intimacy that cannot cause Pregnancy


Do you know there are certain forms of copulation that will always fail to result in a pregnancy? New couples typically worry about avoiding unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) when they explore their sexuality for the first time.

In light of a recent story in Medical News Today, we will examine the various forms of sèxual contact that cannot result in a pregnancy.

If you are worried about getting pregnant and don’t know much about copulation, this article will help you learn more.

Which kind of sèxual contact cannot, under any circumstances, result in a pregnancy?

According to Healthline One method of copulation that has been shown to have no risk of pregnancy is oral copulation.

Because seminal fluid follows the regular digestive tract and can never result in pregnancy if accidentally ingested.

Second, when you get down and dirty with your partner, you use your hands (manual copulation).

As long as your partner doesn’t have any seminal fluid on his hand, engaging in manual intercourse with clean hands is completely safe for pregnancy.

Third, there’s no need to worry about getting pregnant from penetrating intimacy if you and your partner are using effective forms of contraception like condoms or birth control tablets.

Fourth, anal copulation is a form of intimacy that does not put a woman at risk of becoming pregnant.

However, if done carelessly, it greatly increases the danger of developing and passing on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because the anal tissues can easily break, resulting in bleeding.

They believe that health is wealth, thus it’s important to take precautions at all times.