Una still never stop attending free show in IBADAN? – Emmy Dee Light questions Ibadan up and coming entertainners


Up and coming artistes believe all shows is a must to attend cus it’s a free show to showcase their talents and meanwhile that’s a Wrong mentality.

Hey show/event organizers, Lounges/Bars/Hotels mostly in Ibadan I am talking to you, don’t organize a show if you have no sponsors, stop using up and coming artistes to build up your profiles, selling drinks or your products – This is 21st century where Music Business is now a real deal in Nigeria, not like the days we started it back days in Ibadan when we attended shows without invitation, we begged to perform on stage, DJ will mess with your CD, song of 4mins, you perform just 50secs to rubbish you.

However, Ibadan up and coming artistes needs to wise up now and start walking on the right path.

Take your Music career so serious and try find another thing doing, it never stops you doing your music – Have a better Plan-B and never stop going on you kneels before God. Little word for the wise.

Perhaps, you might not know your right as a brand, I implore you to Go and know your Rights today, Your talent not enough!

Recoil from Fake Artist promoters, they are too many in that Brown Roof City “Ibadan”.

I remain Ọmọ Ọba Méjì aka Emmy Dee Light, aka Pillz Adewale.