When A woman wants you to approach her, she will start doing the following


Typically, a woman who is interested in a man will send him signals inviting him to approach her.

These signals may differ in subtlety, but you can detect them if you pay attention.

Here are some frequent warning signs.

1. Eye contact: If a woman catches your gaze and holds it, there is a good chance she is intrigued.

If she smiles or looks aside before looking back at you, it is even clearer.

2. A woman who wishes to be approached may stand in the middle of the room or face outwards to make herself more approachable.

Additionally, she may toy with her hair, cross and uncross her legs, and touch her neck or lips.

3. A woman who is interested will typically be more receptive to conversation and interaction.

She may turn towards you, lean in, or ask you questions about yourself when you are speaking.

4. When a woman is physically close to you, it is a good sign that she desires you to approach her.

You may observe her approaching or remaining nearby.

5. Flirting: A woman who flirts with you is certainly interested in being approached.

Keep an eye out for taunting, compliments, and suggestive remarks.

If you pick up on any of these signals, don’t hesitate to approach the woman and strike up a conversation.