Why I accepted the judgment of election tribunal as true and correct judgment – Robert Clarke


Robert Clarke, a senior advocate of Nigeria, and an elder statesman has answered some interview questions while appearing on the Arise TV online program.

The journalist asked him to air his view about the judgment of the presidential election petition Tribunal court that affirmed Bola Tinubu as the winner of the 2023 presidential election.

During the online Interview on Arise TV, He said…

“That is my view, there’s still a lot to be had on this matter at the Supreme Court, and I look forward to either of the parties going to the Supreme Court in this matter.

The face of the future is very clear to everybody that this is a pre-election matter, and the court has no jurisdiction to look into it since the Supreme Court has already litigated and given decisions on this line of argument.

So, I am on all fours with the court.

I agree with the tribunal that this is a pre-election matter and cannot be handled by this tribunal because, by law, the Electoral Act upon which the tribunal is acting only allows this tribunal to look into the conduct of an election and not matters that are not part of the election.

There is no problem, but what I am saying is that there are two sides to a coin in this matter.

The litigants who have gotten the judgment of the tribunal can still look forward to the Supreme Court.

Whether this matter is a pre-election matter or not, what I’m saying now is that I, Robert Clark, accepted the judgment as a true and correct judgment.

But what I’m saying is that by the provisions of our law under the Constitution, either of the parties may wish to appear.

This is why I say that this matter will still wait for another jurisdictional trial.”

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