Why I left Cotonou for Germany after regaining freedom — Sunday Igboho


Yoruba nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly called Sunday Igboho, on Tuesday, hinted that the need to reunite with his family informed his decision to travel to Germany immediately after he secured total freedom in the Republic of Benin, last Sunday.

Adeyemo, who was released from protective custody in Cotonou, on Sunday after spending more than two years in the French-speaking country following his travails during litigations, hinted that he would come back to Nigeria soon.

According to Nigerian Tribune report: He Said

“I chose to fly to Germany instead of coming back to Ibadan, Nigeria because that’s where my family lives”.

Adeyemo added.

“I will also plan my Canada trip to see my children there.

You know that family comes first, then other things follow.

But, I am coming back to Nigeria sooner than expected to be with my people, supporters, admirers, and loyalists.

Nothing can stop me again from coming back to my country.

No legal obstacle again”.

Commenting on President Bola Tinubu-led administration, he contended that.

“it will be practically impossible for him (Tinubu) to tackle the wobbling economy, insecurity and other numerous challenges he inherited from the government of former President Muhammadu Buhari”.

While charging Tinubu not to lose focus in delivering on his electoral promises, Adeyemo maintained that Mr. President has come in his own time, but we should understand that a lot had gone wrong, especially in the last eight years of President Buhari.

According to him,

“Nigeria recorded the highest rate of insecurity during Buhari’s regime.

Economic hardship was overwhelming, cost of living remained unbearable, while electricity supply became more epileptic. There was more flagrant disregard for the rule of law, leading to gross violations and so on.

It will take a whole lot of time for President Tinubu to put things in order.

He should remain focused so that he can deliver his promises to Nigerians”.

Adeyemo, however, insisted that the struggle for Yoruba self-determination is still on, stressing that “you will understand that there are various groups and organizations, and they are still on ground.

We will continue to demand it until they do what is right.

When I say what is right, I mean equal representation in government participation, provision of basic social amenities for our region, Adequate security for our people on the farm and in the city”.

On how survived his ordeal in Cotonou, without his family members, he disclosed that “although for sometime, I was in detention, but my wife and some people came to visit me and after sometime I was released and I lived in the same house in Cotonou with my wife and brothers, so nothing really changed, except that my kids are not there with me in Benin Republic because they have to go to school.”

“My experience during the two years I spent in Cotonou was a wonderful one.

Benin Republic is a small nation that is very organised and the government is for the people.

Everyone including the government officials respects the rule of law.

They have basic and social amenities that function effectively and efficiently.

Even though they are French-speaking country, they still have parts of them that speak Yoruba and they believe that they are Yorubas no matter what.

They are part of us in Nigeria despite being in that country,” Adeyemo remarked.