Why you may feel dizzy after séx


According to an article written by MedicalNewsToday, feeling dizzy after intimacy doesn’t mean you have a serious health condition, but it may be a result of hunger or lack of water.

If you feel dizzy all the time immediately after intimacy, then you should see a doctor.

This article, according to Medicalnewstoday, will look at 4 reasons why you feel dizzy after s£x

1. Dehydration

According to research, a lack of water can make your blood pressure become low and it can lead to weakness.

If you don’t take enough water before you get intimate with your partner, you may become dehydrated, and it may lead to dizziness.

2. Hyperventilation

Hyperventilation can occur when there is a low amount of carbon dioxide in the blood.

Intimacy can make people have a different breathing pattern, which may become very deep.

People who develop hyperventilation may experience dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath and a fast heartbeat.

3. Hunger

When you are hungry, you may experience a drop in your blood glucose level.

When this occurs, you may experience dizziness.

Dizziness after intimacy with your partner can occur if intimacy temporarily distracts the person from their hunger.

If you experience it frequently, it could be a sign of diabetes.

4. High blood pressure

It is important to know that intimacy can make your blood pressure high.

This can occur when someone engages in intimacy that makes them lose their breath.

This can cause dizziness and it may become too much if the intensity of the intimacy is high.