With time, Ghanaians will have their moment at the Grammys – Medikal


Ghanaian rapper, Medikal has expressed that patience is virtue and Ghanaians will surely have their hour at the Grammy Awards when the dawn breaks

He believes that Ghanaians will eventually have their moment on the global stage, and it is crucial not to rush the process.

Speaking on Ghana’s absence on the nomination list at the Academy Awards, he expressed optimism about the gradual building of a reputation for Ghanaian music on the international scene while acknowledging the disappointment of not securing a nomination this year, he emphasized that it does not diminish the quality of Ghanaian music and artists but instead, it serves as a platform for preparation and improvement for the future.

Submitting on UTV Showbiz Night, he explained that it is not an easy task to achieve such recognition however artists are putting in massive work to roll the carpet for the day the dawn breaks

“I feel everything is about time, there was a time when no Ghanaian was at the BET but gradually Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and Blacko have sealed their names in the Award book, and other artist nominees so with time the moment will present itself”

“You ought to have worked tirelessly to gain such recognition, those who made the list won several BETs, filled O2 Arena, and a host of many so people shouldn’t think Ghana missing out on the Grammy undermines our music quality or otherwise, it’s just a matter of time”

“Stonebwoy is a hardworking artist and it’s very evident in his works, it is nothing bad or funny for people to troll him for missing out on the nominee’s list after submitting his catalog for consideration, it’s just like sitting an exam, and waiting on your score.

if it didn’t happen this year, maybe it will happen next year”