Woman runs mad after dropping from tricycle in Abia


An unidentified girl has been spotted roaming the road in Umuahia, the Abia State capital, a few minutes after she allegedly alighted from a tricycle, driven by a suspected ‘Yahoo boy’ on Wednesday.

The girl, who was seen misbehaving at Aba Road, was talking to herself and trying to remove her long artificial hair.

She was also seen trying to take off her shirt, revealing the black tube she wore underneath atop a pair of trousers.

According to some transporters using the road, the girl, suspected to be around 25 years old, was dropped by a Keke NAPEP rider at about 12:30 pm near Uchenna Bus Stop.

They alleged that a few minutes after the girl came down, she started hallucinating and rolling on the ground.

She could not answer questions by passers-by.

It is unknown if the Keke NAPEP rider is connected to her situation, or her guest had paid him to drop her off on the road.