Young girl spends N180K on her SS3 graduation outfit (Video)


An adolescent Nigerian girl has sparked a range of reactions on the internet by sharing that she invested a total of N180,000 in her attire for her high school graduation.

As an emerging fashion enthusiast who recently completed her secondary education, she went the extra mile to present herself beautifully on her graduation day.

She went into detail about the expenses incurred on various items, culminating in the sum of N180,000.

The young girl disclosed that she allocated 68K for her acquired and installed hair, 10K for her nails, secured an elegant dress for 42K, spent 30K on bags and heels, set aside 15K for makeup, and ultimately invested 18K in jewelry.

She proudly showcased the final ensemble after donning all the components, and her appearance radiated a remarkable level of charm.

Watch the video below: –