5 signs she needs your love and attention


Here are five signs that can show a woman needs more of your love and attention:

1. She Talks to You More.

If she starts talking to you a lot, sending messages or calling, it’s a sign she wants to connect with you and share her thoughts and feelings.

2. She Seems Sad or Distant.

When she appears sad or distant, it might mean she’s feeling lonely or like you’re not paying enough attention to her emotions. She might need your support.

3. She Doubts herself.

If she says she’s not good enough or doubts herself, it’s a sign she’s looking for your reassurance and kindness to feel better.

4. She Wants Time Together.

If she suggests spending time together, like going on dates or doing fun things, it means she values your company and wants to strengthen your bond.

5. Her Behavior Changes.

If her behavior changes, like being easily upset or moody, it could show she’s going through a tough time emotionally and needs your care and understanding.