Talented and Celebrated Nigerian artist 9ice pays tribute to the legendary rapper Lord of Ajasa with the launch of his latest album, aptly titled “Lord of Ajasa”

This 9-track masterpiece not only commemorates the influential rapper but also showcases 9ice’s musical prowess and dedication to the Nigerian music scene.

Inspired by the iconic contributions of Lord of Ajasa to the Nigerian hip-hop landscape, 9ice’s album is a melodic journey that seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary sounds.

The 9 tracks featured on the album serve as a nod to Lord of Ajasa’s impact on the music industry, with each song embodying the essence of his legacy.

As a multi-talented artist known for his ability to blend genres, 9ice has once again delivered an album that resonates with a diverse audience.

Lord of Ajasa” is not just a collection of songs; it is a heartfelt tribute to a pioneer of Nigerian hip-hop.

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