Buhari’s latest picture stirs reaction on social media


The immediate president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari’s recent picture has caused mixed reactions on social media, particularly on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

A former aide to the ex-president, Bashir Ahmad on Thursday, shared a new picture of Buhari on his Twitter page.

He shared the picture with the simple caption of ‘Baba.’

However, after the picture was shared, some Nigerians took to the comment section to react.

While some spoke about missing Buhari, others talked about his physical attributes while some others made comments about the coup in Niger Republic.

Below is the picture and some of the reactions that followed.

@Redfairylee: I don Miss Bubu

@Intrepid_RN: My regards to Baba.

Please tell him that on behalf of Nigerians, we missed him already.

He left naira at a bad state of £940 from about £350 over 8 years.

Tinubu took it to £1195 in less than 3 months.

This is not what we want.

@Hamsuf: Hope baba is out of Niger

@EzennunuCharles: SApaaa and Suffer don catch am.

@Awoken9ijaYouth: Baba don run before war start you still dey tweet.

@ABDUL_MALEEQ007: Baba Don Dey Lose Weight Oow.

@iambechi90: What happened to him
Hope he is feeding well anyway

Looks like he is losing weight.

@Kayloaded1: Is it current skin color or camera quality?

@brenokwaraji: We miss him o, I no fit pretend again.

@Bazurate: Masha Allah.

@ibrahiemGumau: Abeg when is Baba coming back, he’s missed.

@ML_Dumbulwa: I hate this Gentleman, but wholly I started to miss him.

@imrana_y: Earlier, I was discussing the hardship Nigerians faced during the naira redesign period. Only God will judge between him and us.

He (Allah) does not forget.

@Haske__Jr: Omo what happens to baba skin?

@Li_kastro: Borrower General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
AKA Sizu Money.

@GuyConsistent: Baba don dey see shege

@Chinonu: Out of office, out of handsomeness!