LASTMA official exchanges blows with soldier in public [VIDEO]


An official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and a military officer goes physical on Lagos Road during a heated argument.

A viral video on social media captures the official harshly speaking to the soldier who was sitting in a commercial bus over an unknown issue.

The enraged soldier also replied angrily with insults.


LASTMA official exchanges blows with soldier in public


The situation got intense, as the officer stepped down the vehicle to launch an attack at the LASTMA official.

The traffic official who was in possession of a baton was seen using it to hit hard on the military man.

There was exchange of punches between the two before bystanders intervened to stop the fight.

The incident stirred reactions from netizens;

@effizzzyy reacted saying: “this country 😂😂😂😂 just wake up ,carry popcorn and turn on your data”

@collinscollin77 wrote: “Make the soldier call for backup. His own don be”

7thAllison said: “I would like to know the area this happened so my friends and I will avoid it for the next couple of days”

@Tee_Classiquem1 reacted: “The driver did not even wait 😂😂”

@datchughuy said: “Small nyash Dey shake o, soldier ke 🤣”

@richieeparrishh reacts: “Anybody dey collect this period😂😭”

@zayithyogurt wrote: “We need to learn that it’s not okay to be unprofessional in this country. In whatever role we’re serving, let’s learn to maintain professionalism.”

Watch the video below: