Ex-convict gets 10 strokes of cane, 6 months imprisonment for stealing


In Kaduna, a Chief Magistrates’ Court directed that Ezekiel Francis, aged 28 and previously convicted, receive 10 strokes of the cane for stealing N20,000.

The Magistrate, Ibrahim Emmanuel, ordered the punishment after Francis pleaded guilty and sought leniency.

Emmanuel referred to Francis past conviction in 2022 for theft and sentenced him to six months in prison without an option of a fine.

The magistrate warned Francis to refrain from criminal activities and maintain good behavior, emphasizing that the court wouldn’t be lenient in the future.

The prosecutor, Inspector Chidi Leo, stated that Francis, along with an accomplice (now at large), stole N20,000 from Caleb Vincent’s house in the Karji area of Kaduna on Jan. 5.

Francis was apprehended while the other person escaped.

The offence falls under Section 217 of the Penal Code of Kaduna State, 2017.