“I am ready” – Mohbad’s wife Omawumi set to do DNA test to prove paternity of son

MohBad’s wife, Omawumi has agreed to conduct a DNA test to prove the paternity of her 5-month-old son, Liam.

After Mohbad’s untimely demise, rumours began circulating on social media suggesting that his son, whom he had acknowledged before his death, might not be his biological child but instead belonged to Sam Larry, one of the individuals who had bullied Mohbad when he was alive.

These speculations led to a significant backlash and calls for a DNA test to confirm the child’s true parentage.

Amidst the controversy, Mohbad’s wife finally addressed the situation.

She explained that she had refrained from responding to the rumors and backlash due to the guidance of her lawyer and sister.

However, she expressed her readiness to undergo a DNA test to put the speculations to rest.

She emphasized that she had never had any intimate relationship with Sam Larry and that Mohbad was the one who took her virginity.

She said;

“Please help me I’m ready for it.

I have never have a physical conversation with samlarry in my life.

I only greet him whenever I see him.

Mohbad got me deflowered.

How do i go about it?

I’m ready.

It’s just people around me, Most especially My lawyer. Can you help me speak my sister? I am ready.”

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'I am ready' - Mohbad's wife Omawumi set to do DNA test to prove paternity of son


'I am ready' - Mohbad's wife Omawumi set to do DNA test to prove paternity of son


@mhizgreat001 14h said: “They will still have somethings to say after the DNA is cleared, That is people for u.”

@swag_omoluabi reacted: “The funniest thing is that, even after the DNA, and na mohbad get the pikin, they go still raise another topic again.”

@damilola_a_ commented: “After this lady proves herself and her son innocent through the DNA, I hope we all will be ready to drag and fight those who started this madness.”

@bantu_lli said: “I don’t think they’re accusing her of killing her husband.

The fact that she talked about suing people for asking her for DNA made its narrative appear true.

There’s nothing wrong in what the public demaded.

Pple demanded exhumation of the corpse, it was done, they demanded autopsy it was done, why is the DNA an issue.

His fans want to know all the truth.

I honestly see nothing wrong.

justice must be served.”

@ummuaishafashion said: “Do not agree to do any DNA test on your baby now until the autopsy result is out, and the burial of your husband is concluded.

I’m telling you nothing but the truth and my conscience, if you agree to carry out the DNA test now, the result will be manipulated, your husband killers will find a way to pay any amount for the doctor to manipulate the results.

You will be accused of imposting another man pregnancy on mohbad and killing him in other to inherit his property
Please listen to your family until the autopsy result is out and the burial of your husband is finalized.
Thank you.”

@thefelixohaeri said: “Honestly, when people were pushing for the DNA, she’d have done it and cleared the air, so we won’t be divided.

The constant fighting from Gistlover against DNA made people suspicious.

Her sister threatening to sue for N100m against VDM gave another eyebrow.

I’m understanding that feeling, when being asked for a DNA, however, it’s to clear your name.

Now, the matter is getting more divided after another narrative have emerged. Irrespective, Naira and Sam are meant to pay for bullying.

Also, let’s leave sentiment aside, let her clear her name as fast as she can if her hands are clear
I really didn’t see why fight against DNA if you’re 100% sure it’s Mohbad. Lastly, before coming for me negatively, hope you’ve learnt to read and comprehend not to read to insult.”