“I can’t breathe” – Lady escorts boyfriend to motor park, only to discover he’s traveling to marry someone else (VIDEO)

A young Nigerian lady, who goes by the username @adannaya249, has broken down in tears after discovering that her boyfriend of undisclosed duration was getting married to another woman.

The shocking revelation came to light when her boyfriend’s best friend inadvertently posted an invitation card to both the traditional and white weddings, slated to take place within a day of each other.

In the emotional video, @adannaya249 shared her harrowing experience, recounting how she had bid farewell to her boyfriend as he set off for a supposed trip to his village.

She recounted that she had even offered to accompany him, but he declined, expressing a fear of traveling with his own car. Unbeknownst to her, this rejection was the precursor to a devastating discovery that would soon follow.

To her disbelief and despair, @adannaya249 stumbled upon an Instagram post by her boyfriend’s best friend, which briefly showcased the invitation card for his upcoming weddings – one traditional and the other white – scheduled for the following day.

Although the post was swiftly deleted, it was too late; @adannaya249 had already witnessed the shocking truth.

In her words;

“My boyfriend told me he is travelling to the village on Sunday.

I escorted him and his best friend to the motor park cos he was scared of travelling with his car.

“Wanted to go with him but he refused.

Now his best friend posted his invitation card and deleted it immediately but I already saw it.

Tomorrow is his traditional marriage.

“On Saturday his white wedding.

Am devastated, Am shattered, I can’t breathe, Am dying, Why me!”

Netizens Reactions…

@el_essa said; “It happened to me last year.

I sha sent my younger brother there to bring rice I ate and moved on.”

@joylastic985 said; “My dear is well.

Mine his luggage are still in my house since December Last year, but the sweetest part is my marriage is October dis year.”

@rosenuvie93 commented; “Don’t ask him questions, don’t call him, cry in your room. YOU ARE A QUEEN AND YOU WILL OVERCOME THIS PAIN ALSO.”

@Choice reacted; “This thing has happened to me twice for real no one deserves this kind of hurt cause you never get to heal mentally.”

@BANNY BTC commented; “Make God no let them use me wait for the right person.”

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