“I only have sex once every six months” – Venita


In a chat with her housemates Adekunle, Kiddwaya, and Seyi during the All-Star Edition of Season 8 of the BBNaija reality show, Venita disclosed a unique principle she follows in her personal life.

She revealed that she chooses to engage in sexual intimacy only once every six months as she strongly dislikes others coming too close to her.

This revelation by Venita has certainly stirred up a storm of reactions on social media, with a wide range of opinions pouring in from concerned individuals who have taken to the comment section to express their views on the matter.

See some reactions below:


“Venita the trend, the content, the queen of drama, vote Venita pls.”



“Ike will not agree to this, please let’s ask Ike if she’s telling the truth.”


“I could have gone my whole life without this information. Thanks for changing the world Venita darling, you did what king Lurtha junior failed to do.”


“If she says it then that’s what it is now abi who amongst you is sleeping with her daily??”


“Before you guys say it’s not true. It’s very very very very possible!”


“Tbh Ehn it might not be a lie but then …when ppl give u specific number like this e Dey sound like that coz u are telling me that she has a calendar that yes ok 6 month don finisher me go and knack.”


“Venita eheeneee venita oniro werey.”

Watch the video below:-