Man relocating abroad with family leaves last child in Nigeria after DNA test revealed he isn’t the father


A Nigerian man was left with no other option than to leave behind his last and favorite child while relocating abroad after DNA test established that the boy’s a product of paternity fraud.

An account of the incident was shared on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, by a user identified as Jay Mannie.

According to him, the family were preparing to leave Nigeria, and when all the members went for DNA test, the results showed that the last wasn’t the man’s biological child.

The situation is all the more distressing for the man because his wife has already passed and never revealed her deed to her husband prior to her death.

Jay Mannie stated that the man left the child back in Nigeria despite the fact he’s his most beloved son, but made arrangements for the child to be well taken care of.

The Twitter post reads…

“Man wanted to japa with his family, did a DNA test on his kids, found out his last fav kid isn’t his.

“Now wife is not alive to tell him the biological father of the boy.

He had to leave the boy behind but made sure he is well taken care of.


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