Lady fights bestie in public, says she wants to snatch her man (VIDEO)


    A trending video shows the moment a lady accosted her best friend, accusing her of trying to snatch her lover.

    In the video, the duo was captured in public at a fuel station engaging in a physical fight.

    It was the intervention of some passersby that stopped the duo from escalating the matter.

    The video also showed the man the girls are fighting over trying to calm them down.

    Watch the video below:


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    Reacting to the video, Juliusbrown98 wrote, “That bestie was same girl who rejected android phone when her boyfriend pranked her.

    Not knowing her boyfriend has a separate iPhone 12 or 13 pro max to give to her.

    She poured her boyfriend and the content creator dirty water.

    Girlfriend b..ak her head. She will snatch your boyfriend with that her 64 Seth of teeth.”

    Smokeyrobinson9 wrote, “This one na wahala gf and wahala bestie…. It says a lot about the guy sha, I go chase both of ’em comot.”