Messi vs Ronaldo: He’s subtle, elegant – Muller chooses his GOAT


Bayern Munich ace, Thomas Muller has chosen Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi as his GOAT (Greatest player Of All Time) over Al-Nassr’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Muller said Messi is subtle and elegant, adding that the Argentina captain makes people go to the stadium to watch his elegance on the pitch, something better than Ronaldo.

Speaking to DAZN, Muller put his weight behind the former Paris Saint-Germain forward in the GOAT debate over Ronaldo.

The German said,

“Who is the greatest of all time? The GOAT for me is Messi because he makes people say ‘I go to the stadium because of his elegance’ and at the same time he is very effective in scoring goals and achieving records and titles.

“Cristiano is also a strong candidate in two categories which are stats and titles, but Messi is simply more subtle and elegant.”