Mohbad’s last tweet from 3 days ago causes buzz online


Late singer Mohbad’s last tweet from three days ago has caused a buzz on social media after Nigerians dug it out.

In the tweet, which was shared via his official handle, Mohbad made it clear that no one prays more than him.

Recall that Mohbad died on Tuesday, September 12, and was led to rest the next day with many controversies surrounding his death.

Netizens expressed concern about his emotional well-being and speculated that he may have suffered from depression.

Mohbad’s final tweet, posted three days ago, has been circulating on social media. He wrote, “Nobody’s prayer is stronger than mine.”

Netizens interpreted this enigmatic message as a glimpse into the singer’s emotional turmoil, suggesting that he may have faced significant challenges.

The news of Mohbad’s untimely death had circulated on Tuesday, September 12 and he was buried on September 13.

Internet users in the comment section expressed their thoughts and observations, highlighting Mohbad’s emotional journey.

Many netizens believed that he had experienced a great deal emotionally and speculated about the possibility of depression.

@lil_minnie_eds commented: “The guy went through a lot emotionally hmmmmm.”

@he_is_dave_miless said: “Omo nah depression kill young soul Ajeh.”

@iniestamaradona reacted: “You don’t have to hurt me before you win now marlian have killed him dey have win they have killed somebody dey have sin MOHBAD you go far with God.”

@pretti_fifi said: “Fr l’m loosing my mind, this is literally gone make me freak out.”

@juliet_adura reacted: “Lyrics, have dealing with friendenemys survival.”

@unusual_badboy said: “Omo pastor you be preacher de world know this.”

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Mohbad's last tweet from 3 days ago causes buzz online