Odumodublvck is just as arrogant – Jaywon fumes

Nigerian music industry is witnessing a heated exchange between two of its artists, Odumodublvck and the veteran Jaywon.

The drama began when Jaywon, considered an “OG” in the scene, seemingly downplayed Odumodublvck’s achievements, suggesting that he paved the way for younger artists like him.

Odumodublvck, evidently not taking kindly to these remarks, fired back in a series of social media posts.

He questioned Jaywon’s judgment, which had claimed Odumodu’s music wasn’t all that, Odumodublvck then said that by Jaywon’s metric, his music wasn’t superior, and that true respect isn’t earned solely based on seniority but by his actions.

He further stated that criticizing him was a common tactic employed by established artists when faced with the success of younger generations.

Jaywon responded by calling Odumodublvck arrogant and reiterating his stance on the quality of his music.

He advised Odumodublvck to be humble and listen to constructive criticism, suggesting that even his supporters know the “truth” about his music.


Baba you no pave any way for me, go hustle – Odumodublvck slams Jaywon

He said, “As far as I’m concerned, odumodu is just as arrogant as the rest of them, and everybody knows the music is not all that, but you know, I respect your hustle still bro……

keep crying!

The people supporting you too know the truth.

No be everything be gra gra.

Sometimes calm down to listen to small advice.”

This social media spat has sparked discussions among fans and industry observers, with opinions divided.

Some side with Odumodublvck, believing that established artists should be more supportive of up-and-coming talents.

Others defend Jaywon, arguing that his comments were meant to be constructive criticism and that Odumodublvck’s response was disrespectful.