We’ve seen USA president’s car “the beast”, but the Russian president’s car is the real bomb (See Photos)


As per reports, the official car of Russian President Vladimir Putin stands impervious to rocket penetration.

The intricacies of this new presidential limousine, which serves as President Putin’s mode of transportation, are rumored to surpass the security measures of the formidable ‘The Beast’—the moniker given to the limousine designated for the U.S. President.

This armored vehicle boasts a roof fashioned from 12-centimeter-thick titanium plating, so resilient that even a T-72 tank can traverse it unscathed, sources confirm.

Its windows are crafted from glass capable of withstanding a direct impact from a rocket-propelled grenade, while its wheels ingeniously transform into caterpillar tracks when navigating rugged terrains.

Remarkably, during its assembly at the factory, designers were positioned inside the car as soldiers fired rocket-propelled grenades at it—an age-old custom dating back to the era of Stalin. Such confidence in the car’s safety features underscores its robust design.

A Kremlin official revealed that the car’s occupants could potentially endure a minor nuclear attack, contingent on the prevailing wind direction.

However, the specifics remain undisclosed, with the official alluding to future opportunities for reporters to pose questions.

In the realm of presidential vehicles, Russia’s cutting-edge limousine demonstrates an unwavering commitment to security and technological innovation, rivaling its U.S. counterpart, ‘The Beast.’